What our clients have to say…

Lindsey P.

I have been going to The Pulse for tattoos since they have opened. They have a great atmosphere, they are clean and profession, respect your wishes, and give you the best deal possible. I have gotten over 10 tattoos from this shop. I love The Pulse!

Paul E.

Excellent work. Clean studio and sterile tools, professional, puts the customers' interests first. Some of the best work I have ever seen!

Jamie R.

I love the fact that they go out of your way to draw what the customer wants. When we came we had an idea of what we wanted and they took are scattered ideas and came up with a great design. Thanks I love it.

Lacey N.

I've always had awesome, quality work done by Craig Scott. I highly recommend The Pulse.

Jamie M.

Whop Whop. Top f'**n notch!

Joe B.

Best customer service in Alabama. All custom.  No flash. I was very impressed.

Susan S.

The staff there is AWESOME.....and customer service is what matters.


Craig is an awesome artist! I won't go anywhere else for a tattoo.

Ashley H.

They awesome dude with the barcode on his neck did my friends tat and I can’t wait 2 get mine know.

Dianea C.

I have only gotten one tat but I got it at The Pulse and they are welcoming and just all around the best tattoo shop ever. Matt did kickass on mine.

Mark H.

I have been going to The Pulse for the last three years and in my opinion they are masters of their trade. They stay serious about their work but also bring a welcoming atmosphere to the shop that makes the customers feel at home. The Pulse has been and will remain the only tattoo shop I would recommend to any of my friends for good service

Sara J.

They have a very clean building and an extremely friendly atmosphere. I went as a first time tattooer and they put me at great ease about getting it done, and since then I have gone back for more tattoos and brought a few friends over to get some done. I love that place and will NEVER go anywhere else.

Melissa K.

My Tattoo was awesome, best work I've ever seen.

Jack S.

I’ve been tattooed by almost every shop in Huntsville. The Pulse is the only shop I’ve been tattooed at more than once. 5 stars.

Chuck N.

Awesome tattoos. Great service. Very strong portfolios. I highly recommend you try these guys out. You will be impressed.