Rowan Mason, a native of New England, began nurturing her creative free spirt at an early age. Surrounded by mountains and wildlife, the natural environment became her original inspirations.

Her love for art blossomed when, at the age of 16, she took her high school’s art class. Rowan took the class for two years, becoming the teacher’s assistant with the second year. After high school she began college pursuing an art and music degree with the help of a vocal scholarship.

In 2002, after several years of art in varying mediums, Rowan was inspired to search out an apprenticeship for tattooing. A gentle giant named Bear recognized talent when he looked at Rowan’s art portfolio and her career was born.

Always keeping an open mind, Rowan feels that an artist can learn from anyone and she strives to reflect this evolution in her art. Rowan also has been humbled by the love and support of clients, friends and family. She realizes she wouldn’t be where she is now without them.

While she has experience in tattoos of various kinds such as black and grey, color, realism, tribal, etc., Rowan has a passion for reworks and cover-ups. To take something someone regrets or is less than what it truly should be and make it into something awesome is a great feeling. “No matter the tattoo, I want my clients to feel special and to know I appreciate them.”

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