Professional Artist Since 2008

Although born in Jacksonville, Alabama, Matt Traywick grew up on Anna Maria Island, Florida and considers this his hometown. From the age of twelve, Matt began showing an interest in the tattoo industry by teaching himself to build tattoo machines from household items. His eagerness to learn quickly became a passion and Matt continued to expand his knowledge about art throughout his teenage years with particular interest in abstract and realism.

In 2007, he began an apprenticeship at The Pulse – Body Art Studio, LLC. After completing his training in 2008, Matt began to further explore a variety of tattooing styles in order to start the foundation of his own unique creativity. He still continues this practice today by continuing to learn and grow as a versatile artist. His expertise ranges from full color to black and gray, old school to new school, and creating unique tattoos to reinvent older ones.

Additionally, Matt’s professional focus goes beyond the actual tattoo. He has created a client-centered work ethic that is designed to make the clients’ comfort and concerns a top priority. Whatever the client may envision, Matt is committed to combining all of his talents to provide a one-of-a-kind tattoo and experience. Matt admires works from both Sailor Jerry and Nikko Hurtado.