Kevin Stout started his artistic journey while still in high school with drawing. Along the way he became self-taught in many different types of art using various media. Always ready to learn new ways to express his talent, Kevin eventually decided to make a long-term interest in tattooing a reality in 2015.  He undertook an apprenticeship in Florence, AL, under Mike Norton, and graduated in under 6 months.  Due to his industry professionalism and ability to learn techniques quickly, Kevin earned respect among seasoned artists early in his career.

Kevin considers himself to be a neo-traditional and realism tattoo artist with an emphasis on developing his own style. He has a diverse portfolio and credits the work of artists Bob Tyrrell and Paul Booth as inspirations for his tattoos.

Working with clients, Kevin understands that each person is unique and strives to help them create tattoos that will reflect that individuality.  He enjoys being an integral part of that process and is focused on providing a professional, courteous, customer-service experience.

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