Kelsey is One of Our Athens Shop Artists

Kelsey “Kels” Prater was born in the US but raised in Heidelberg Germany. Having completed an apprenticeship under Craig Scott in 2016, she has since found an interest in the Traditional and Neo-Traditional tattoo styles, with artists such as Kelly McGrath, Kelly Doty, and Winston the Whale as inspiration.

Within her diverse portfolio, influences such as rich watercolors and bold trash polka styles can be seen as a running trend throughout. Originally receiving a degree in English, she has since gone back to her artistic roots and found herself a home within the tattoo industry. Self-taught artist and graphic designer, she brings originality and depth to both new and existing pieces.

Even though she has only been in the trade for a few years her clients already span the globe, as far as Japan, and she is proud to see that her work is gaining recognition at an industry level as she strives to improve her ever-evolving art.

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