Craig is One of Our Athens Shop Artists

Craig Scott, born in England, began his tattoo apprenticeship in 2001 under David Palmer of Body Works Tattoo Studio located in Walsall, England. In the beginning, Craig’s artistic leanings were towards cartoons. While he still has a fondness for his artistic roots, over the years Craig has further developed his talent and expertise with highly detailed works such as photo realism, custom designs and portraits. In 2007, Craig desired a fresh start in a new place and decided on the United States. He moved to Athens, Alabama and began working at The Pulse – Body Art Studio, LLC in July of that year.

Because of the unique nature of Craig’s artistry, his clientele encompasses in-state and out-of-state customers as far north as Pennsylvania. His professionalism and respect for the tattoo industry reaches into all aspects of his artistic personality. Craig not only demonstrates this with the level of work he produces but in having the heart of a teacher as well. Since working for The Pulse, Craig has eagerly and successfully apprenticed many new artists. He feels that by helping qualified artists join the trade it helps the industry as a whole.