Chad Pope, originally from Orange, California, spent much of his upbringing in North Alabama. His professional tattooing career took flight when he graduated his apprenticeship at The Pulse – Body Art Studio, LLC in 2010. Over years of steady work, he has racked up a diverse portfolio.

Chad draws his inspiration from many artists; most notably these artists include Tim Burton, Alex Grey, and Chet Czar. His inspiration is not limited to visual arts, though – music has been a driving influence on his craving for cool artwork.

His signature style of artwork ranges from colorful graffiti-esque images and bright watercolors to trash polka influenced mash-ups, abstract pieces, and various macabre while including traditional black-and-gray art styles. Chad’s goal as a tattooist is not to master a single style but to grow into an artist well-versed in a wide variety of styles that come together as creative, unique artwork. Whether it is calligraphy or characters, he is willing to dive into any style and give it his best.